Your Business Is A Mirror

I was talking to a Gym Owner the other day who was struggling with growing their business. They felt stuck. When I asked about their home life, they said it felt the same.

Their marriage had more tension due to communication issues.

It was clear they struggled to communicate well with everyone in their life. That’s when I let them know about this concept.

Your business is a mirror.

It’s a reflection of you and the struggles you have as an individual. Whatever you struggle with will show up in all areas of your life – home, work, friendships, etc.

Gym Owners who don’t set standards for themselves, hold no standards for their team.

Gym Owners who struggle with money management have money issues.

Gym Owners who don’t learn to lead well have team turnover issues. 

The first step is to take full ownership over the problems. Don’t blame anyone else for them except yourself. Because you allowed it.

Tony Robbins says “you get in life what you tolerate.”

If you have a recurring problem then there must be a recurring solution…that’s you. You are the constant. Customers come and go. Team members come and go. You and the business will go through thick and thin together.

So, if you want to get off the roller coaster of the same problems happening again and again, ask yourself how you need to level up.

It might not go away forever because business is messy. But it can be greatly reduced when the owner transforms themselves from the inside out.

What are you working on improving right now?

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