The Downfall of Short-Term Marketing

Marketing is such a wide ranging topic. It could be creating a website, t-shirts, flyers, Facebook ads, influencer shout outs and so much more. 

But the most critical thing to understand is that your marketing is spread over a funnel that clients go through with every single business.

With every company, a lead is either at the top, middle or bottom of a funnel. Let’s look closer at each. Most businesses want people to purchase on their own. There’s a portion of motivated folks who will do that.

But that’s the bottom of the funnel leads who are lay-downs.

You didn’t really “sell them”, they probably were referred. Or they’ve been following you for a while so they were warmed up. They are ready to buy now and it’s rare.

Here’s how your leads are broken into 3 sections…

  • Top of Funnel – they are unaware you exist. You need brand awareness to get on their radar. They might know some competitors and will buy from them unless you get their attention.
  • Middle of Funnel – they know you exist but are stalking you on social media and haven’t hit 10/10 pain to take action. They are keeping you in their back pocket.
  • Bottom of Funnel – they know you exist and they are ready to buy. Give them the order form and get out of their way.

Most businesses spend all their marketing money on getting the bottom of funnel people to check out. They are thinking short sighted and so they get a spike of sales, then things flatten out. They rinse and repeat that cycle all year long.

But if they put some money into the top of the funnel (which is the BIGGEST) they will have a non-stop stream of people ready to pay and see more staircase growth through the year.

That’s because they are pushing people down the funnel with their marketing dollars.

This doesn’t need to be a huge budget either. You can make something very shareable like a top 3 tips post or you can boost a video of a client interview. You can even do a massive giveaway or lead magnet.

Just simple things that put your brand on more people’s radar.

Which of these areas of the funnel do you struggle with most? 

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