Amateurs vs Pros in Business

There’s levels to the game when it comes to running a business. One of the separators between amateurs and pros is how well they know their numbers.

Amateurs say…

  • Our clients stay a long time
  • We have strong conversions
  • Our cost per lead is good

Pros say…

  • Our client lifetime value is 8 months
  • We average 67% conversion rate
  • My cost per lead is $22

You see the difference in clarity? One is using phrases to dance around the truth. 

They don’t know their numbers and they are flying blind. They can’t make smart decisions for their business because they are guessing and operating off feelings.

That’s how an amateur runs their business. And I’m not hating on anyone at this stage because I was there for years until I unlocked the power of knowing my numbers.

The pro knows their numbers like the back of their hand. They are level headed and make decisions based on data. They’ve spotted the patterns of a good month, average month and bad month based on historical data. And that gives them confidence to future forecast.

This is a business owner who has unlocked a different level in the game. They also have different levels of confidence and they play chess when their competition is playing checkers.

If you don’t know your numbers, make this the year you FORCE yourself to learn them. Review your key metrics once per week. Have them on a spreadsheet side-by-side so you can see how the weeks, months and years begin to compare.

I promise it will help you to see your business through a different lens.

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