Science vs Compliance

This battle has been going on in the fitness industry….and it probably won’t ever stop.

In our industry, there’s so much wasted energy and focus when it comes to battling over what is “best” for client results. The best diet, programming system, way to motivate clients to behavior changes, etc.

The truth is..coaches will always have an internal battle between science and compliance.

Here’s what I mean, we know what is BEST for the client but sometimes you have to go with the OKAY choice in the name of client compliance.

Here’s a few examples…

  • We know that science shows that strength workouts are best for fat loss. But if we do 100% strength, we will lose the clients who love a great sweat session.
  • The science shows if you eat perfect macros with no junk food you will be lean and live a long time. But compliance will be very low because people want to enjoy treat foods because they make life better. What’s the point of living a long time without the foods we love.
  • The science shows we should focus on big muscle groups (back, legs, chest) but the clients want to feel soreness in their abs. We know that crunches and core work should not be the primary focus to shed fat because its a small muscle group. But it’s a win for compliance because it’s giving the client what they want.
  • The science says longer workouts are ideal (45-60 minutes) but in today’s world, people are busy so shorter workouts (30-40 min) increase their compliance. Many gyms lose signups because the time commitment is too much when you include drive time. 

The battle of science and compliance is real. And every Coach faces it. You have to know when to give the client a little of what they want. Like many relationships, its a compromise. 

Give a little, get a little.

It will never be perfect. You get better at developing these instincts through reps and experience. But once you have it, it’s invaluable. The Coaches who know how to blend science and compliance will get their clients the best results.

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