Sales is About Activities

It’s funny but I talk to so many Business Owners who think word-of-mouth and referrals are all they need to grow their business.

Unless you are a household name (Tesla / Amazon) then you NEED to be getting the word out about your business. 

Sales comes down to a simple equation. 

Inputs = Outputs

You put more in (activity) you will get more out (deals) but too many Business Owners wait for them to grow their business with the SAME activity they do every month.

You get what you put in.

So, I challenge you to roll up your sleeves and go HARD in the paint for 30 days. Watch how much you can grow your business when it’s your #1 obsession for a full month.

Not only do you learn about the current issues in your sales process but you put some big wins on the board for your company. It’s not about showing up your sales team.

It’s about doing what needs to be done to grow the business.

What would grow the business more?

  • 1 sales rep or 2 sales reps?
  • 10 outbound calls or 200 outbound calls?
  • DMing 5 friends or DMing 50?
  • Posting on social media 1x/week or 5x/week?

Don’t get me wrong. If this is slopping action taking and you are being a speed demon, you can burn your good will with the market.

Make sure you have an AMAZING OFFER that you spent alot of time crafting. That way you know you are pushing hard to get this deal out to your marketplace. 

Sales is about activities.

How much activity do you plan to put in next month? Next quarter? Next year?

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