Business is Violent

Every business owner has been punched in the face by tough situations. You never see them coming and the lessons are scars you carry with you forever.

  • Abrupt economy changes
  • Employee theft
  • Toxic culture
  • New laws
  • Vendors raise prices
  • Facebook ads getting shut down
  • New offers that failed
  • Software crashes
  • Upset customers

The list goes on and on. You get my point. Business is a contact sport. 

You will get beat up, bloody and broken at some point. But, just like in sports, the L’s help you to get to W’s. 

It’s the character you build through those tough times that sticks with you.

It’s the bonds you create as you overcome adversity together.

It’s the confidence you build when you realize how resilient you are.

To all the Business Owners who are getting up everyday and fighting the good fight…I want to shout you out.

You keep the economy marching forward. You create jobs. You take risks. And you don’t get enough recognition and praise.

So, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for taking the leap of faith. Signing the lease. Making that hire. Investing in your team. Trying new things. Making the world a better place.

You started your business in order to SERVE.

To serve your customers.

To serve your family.

To serve your community.

And it was worth it. You might not feel like that when you are going through a tough period. But it’s worth it. Even with all the problems. It’s worth it.

Thank you to all the business owners for being you!

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