18 Lessons for 2024

I recently ran a training where I shared some of the top lessons of last year. I wanted to rapid fire them for you so you can use them and skip past the mistakes I made.

  1. Become a better student. One of the best ways to learn is to teach.
  2. Become a better teacher. Make things more simple and easy to understand.
  3. Everyone has a personal brand and it can be summed up into 5 words. Which 5 words do you want people to associate with you?
  4. Mindset begins with your fitness. Overcome something hard everyday and you become more mentally resilient. Another reason to get to the gym!
  5. Starting over feels more fun than sticking with it. But sticking with it is where all the long term victories will be found.
  6. Pick a Word-Of-The-Year to measure your decisions against. 
  7. Less is more. Remove what no one remarks on and keep what matters. 
  8. Less emotion, more data. Our ego will pump us up but data is the cold hard facts.
  9. Know your traps. What past behavior has held you back? Jealousy, distraction, anger, etc. Work on those in the new year to have a different future.
  10. Sometimes something bad must happen to get a good outcome. We have to get sore to get fit. We have to go through crappy relationships to appreciate the good. You need no’s to get the yes.
  11. Less “hey guys” and more “hey you”. Being lazy and giving a general compliment to a group of people doesn’t work. The same goes for feedback. Deliver important messages in a 1:1 setting.
  12. Separate yourself from yourself. The #1 way to change your identity is to do small things you don’t currently do for an extended period of time. Extra set in the gym, working nights & weekends, abstaining from eating, drinking or watching something. What new identity do you want this year?
  13. Protect your energy. Surround yourself with people that give you energy and remove the negativity. To do anything for a long time, you must have the energy to sustain a sprinting marathon.
  14. Set proper expectations. When there’s a gap between expectations and reality, people get frustrated. Share more upfront to avoid the frustration gap.
  15. Use inverse thinking. Instead of telling people what to do, tell them what NOT to do. More people learn from that language. Tell them how to get fired, get a divorce, get overweight and that will be more memorable than all the tips they hear about what to do.
  16. F.I.T.F.O – Figure It The F Out
  17. Give yourself advice. Solomon’s Paradox explains how most people are better at giving advice then following it themselves. So use it on yourself and write down your problems and then coach yourself on what you should do.
  18. Judge Less. Everyone you meet has struggles that you have no idea about. Show more compassion and kindness to everyone and the world will be a better place. 

Let me know which lesson stood out to you that you want to apply in 2024.

Happy New Year!!

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