On-Mission and Off-Mission Conversations

I learned this lesson from my Leadership Coach – Rich Lohman.

When we first got started with him he told me one of the first things he does with a new company is gauge the ratio of on-mission conversations to off-mission conversations.

What’s the difference?

On-Mission Conversations

🚀 On-Mission Conversations are when the team is talking about their clients success, how to get the client better and faster results. It’s when we are talking about how to improve our service and the client experience. How to make things easier, faster and more simple in the name of our mission.

Off-Mission Conversations

🛑 Off-Mission Conversations is when we are gossiping about a coworker, complaining about changes in the company, talking about the weekend, the weather or who Taylor Swift is dating. TOTALLY OK to have some Off-Mission convos from time to time. But it shouldn’t be the main talking point of our day.

Rich’s advice is that healthy companies are having 90% on-mission conversations and 10% off-mission conversations. Unhealthy companies spend far more time off-mission with time and energy wasting topics that don’t serve anyone but themselves.

We can always be mindful of our ratio of on-mission conversations.

That applies to team meetings, group chats, in-person conversations and all other team interactions. When we have a clients-first mindset they FEEL that and it just makes them (and us) feel good to serve someone to the highest level. 

It puts a smile on your face when someone does that for you and you can’t help but share it with your friends. That’s what makes your service special.

I would urge you to get with your leaders and gauge your ratio of on-mission conversations. Put this concept into your team’s mind so everyone is more aware.

And lead from the front so people see how it’s done from the top!

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