Frameworks = The Ultimate Teaching Tool

In the past, I thought it would be more helpful to instruct others exactly what to do. That works to a point. But you don’t build the person to be empowered without giving them more.

In short, how did you decide on that action step?

If you skip straight to the to-do, you are holding the person back by not teaching them the framework that helped you make the decision.

Frameworks are the filters behind decisions.

It’s now what to do, it’s how to think. And it’s the most powerful way to teach someone how to be successful on their own. If you can pass on your decision making frameworks, you can teach them how you think through problems.

It’s sad but 83% of lotto winners go broke within 2 years, regardless of how much they won. It’s happened to people who won 10 million and 100 million.

Here’s my guess on why….they never got a crash course on managing money. They didn’t have a framework on investing, assets, taxes, cash flow, etc. They probably don’t even know the IRS takes 25% of all lotto winnings over $5,000.

They end up being a poor steward of money and blow it all thinking it’s an endless well of money.

Everyone around them probably tells them what to buy.

But no one is teaching them how to think.

As a result, they lose it all. It applies in business too. Are you telling your team what to do or how to think?

Here’s a few frameworks we use…

  • 1 Problem = 2 Solutions. If you only state a problem, that’s complaining. But if you state a problem with potential solutions you are being a solution minded team player.
  • Avoid the Frustration Gap. People get frustrated when there’s a big gap between expectations and reality. If a client is frustrated, where did we fail to set proper expectations?
  • F.I.T.F.O – Figure it TF out. If you haven’t searched your problem on Google,  YouTube and our internal SOP library before asking for help, you are being lazy. The best team members are resourceful.
  • Pull > Push. People resist being told what to do. That’s “push energy”. Get them drawn in with “pull energy” by selling them the benefits and how it makes things better for the customer. If they are the right fit for our team, they will do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.

What are some frameworks you teach your customers or team members to be successful?

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