Get a Big List to Win

Recently at one of my workshops I taught Gym Owners how to get 100 leads every single month. That’s the amount of leads you need to win and grow your gym.

Anything below 100 leads and you are making it harder than it needs to be to grow.

The best part is you can go to Facebook and Instagram at any time and turn on a faucet of leads with paid ads. 

I can speak from experience that the gyms who are CRUSHING IT and growing month after month have the biggest list. And they don’t stop growing their lists from day one.

If you have a small list (anything under 1,500 leads) then you need to be hyper focused on lead generation. With a small list, it will be hard to talk to enough local residents to grow your business.

This applies to multiple scenarios but here’s a few…

  1. Promoting your next challenge or trial program
  2. Announcing upcoming events at your gym
  3. Recruiting a new Coach to join your team
  4. Looking for a Manager to run the day-to-day operations

The gym in town with the biggest list WINS in all these scenarios.

They can fill up their gym with more members, command a bigger crowd at events and even find locals who might be interested in job positions.

Big takeaway – NEVER stop growing your list.

Your list of contacts (name, phone, email) is EVERYTHING when it comes to growing your business. 

If you need a marketing agency that will get you 100+ leads every month, comment below with MARKETING.

I will connect you with Pablo from our team who can help you out!

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