Do You Want Frankenstein or a Ninja?

Gym Owners!! I have made this mistake and I want to save you from major pain. In the beginning years of running a gym, I would try to piece together roles in the name of saving money.

  • Coach + Admin Duties = FAIL
  • Admin + Coach Duties = FAIL

Maybe you have done this too? What resulted was that I created a FRANKENSTEIN role that I could no longer recognize. I created a monster!

It happened for two main reasons…

  1. Pity Hours: the team member wanted to make more so I would find some random tasks that needed to get done but I didn’t qualify if they had the skills, capacity or correct personality for the role.
  2. Laziness: Instead of hiring someone who would own that role fully, I was being lazy and wanted to ask the existing team to do more.

If you’ve asked someone on your team to do something they are not skilled in, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. No judgment on my part because I’ve done it multiple times!

But now I’ve learned I don’t want Frankenstein’s I wanted Ninja’s.

A ninja is someone who is lethal at one specific thing. 

  • A Ninja Coach is an expert and build relationships and getting clients results
  • A Ninja Nurturer can make the leads feel safe and come in for an appointment
  • A Ninja Closer can sell like a beast and close deals all day long
  • A Ninja Marketer can get the attention of our market and gather quality leads

You probably want Ninja’s too. One of the best ways to get there is to NOT ask your team to do Frankenstein jobs. Let them get their black belt in their role by doing the same system over and over again.

Repetition is the best teacher and if they are switching job roles every 30-60 days, then they can’t gain mastery. 

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