Super Mario Marketing

If you’ve played Super Mario Bros then you know one of the coolest power ups is the fire flower. It transforms Mario so he can shoot fireballs and kick everyone’s ass. 

In marketing, the prospect is Mario, your product is the fire flower and the outcome or result is they become Fire Mario that can shoot fireballs and kick ass. 

Here’s where most Gym Owners get it wrong…they focus on their product (the fire flower).

They say things like…

  • We have 40+ session times available
  • We have an awesome community
  • We have the best trainers
  • The workouts are only x minutes
  • There’s plenty of variety

They go on and on about their product and all the things that make it awesome. NO ONE CARES!

Your prospect (Mario) is wondering how your product will turn them into Fire Mario. In other words, you can make her life better so she can kick more ass.

Switch from talking about your product (fire flower) to talking about the outcome (Fire Mario).

Talk about how they will be able to kick ass more in life – more energy, reduced pain, less body fat, more flexibility, stronger body, better sleep, etc. 

That might look like…

  • Our client Susan can play with kids and never runs out of energy
  • Our client Mike has eliminated his back pain and feels like a million bucks
  • Our client Mary is a grandmother and can pickup her grandkids no problem

Tell stories about your clients transforming from their old selves to their upgraded selves and it happened because of your product. Wasting your breath on the deliverables (40 min workouts, 40+ sessions, best trainers) is focused on YOU but people buy because of THEM.

Turn THEM into the hero of your marketing and watch the leads flood your gym.

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