Common Things Done Uncommonly Well

Make no mistake about it….ALL businesses have problems. They don’t just have one or two, they have ALOT of problems. 

Target announced recently they are shutting down 8 locations due to organized theft that is making it impossible for them to get profitable.

If that’s happening to the big brands then it certainly happens in small businesses too.

Why am I sharing that? Because I want you to know that problems are part of business. The marketplace rewards you for being useful and solving problems.

They won’t go away and we need to remember that. It’s the price of business ownership.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do our best everyday. We can chase being remarkable while being aware that there will be problems along the way. Every single day, businesses create a remarkable experience for their customers while dealing with issues.

Recently I gave a presentation about creating remarkable service.

The definition of remarkable is ‘worthy of being mentioned, uncommon, extraordinary.’

If you look at your reviews, I bet you will see 3-5 common things being remarked on over and over again. For us, it’s things like “it’s crazy they remember everyone’s name” or “they are always so positive and turn my day around.” or “this is my home away from home, it feels like family.”

Funny enough, those are the EXACT things we train our team to do – remember names, be super positive, treat people like family. 

This is doing the common things, uncommonly well.

Every job has a grind-factor to it. You are living groundhogs day over and over again. There’s no escaping it. Bands have to play the same songs over and over again on tour for decades. Sales people have to start every month at zero. Coaches have to deliver remarkable service day-in and day-out.

But it’s not about trying to escape the repetition, it’s about embracing it with excellence.

That’s what must be done to create a remarkable business.

This is how you lead your team to scale your business to the next level. You must connect the dots between common things done daily and how we must do them uncommonly well.

People stop going to businesses once the consistency isn’t there.

Make sure you have the common things dialed in with consistency and you will keep your clients for years to come!

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