Taking Healthy Risks

The other day I had a customer who really wanted to do Gym Reinforcements follow up service but they decided to hold off.

Funny enough, they attended a Tony Robbins event and called me after it was over and said “SIGN ME UP and I’m paying in full for 3 months!!”

I was happy to hear their enthusiasm but I had to know what the heck happened.

This Gym Owner mentioned that Tony Robbins talked about taking on a healthy level of risk in business. That’s when we started we took more risk but as the market started beating us up, we get conservative and stop taking risks.

But Tony mentioned that the most successful business owners don’t stop taking calculated risks. That doesn’t mean they are sloppy with spending. It’s a wise investment.

Now this owner has increased their EFT by $5,000/mo in the last 6 weeks and I only see more growth in their future.

What changed? MINDSET!

The fear side of our mind holds us back. It’s the spouse saying to save the money. It’s our conscious spend trying to squeeze a dollar from a penny. But when you go ALL IN on your business and invest wisely it pays off.

The growth side of our mind joins the mastermind, it hires the specialty services, it hires help so we can take our business to the next level.

But in every decision, one of the sides beats the other. Have you started giving into the fears?

If you want to get on a coaching call, I’m happy to chat about your business and point you in the direction of the right things to help you grow your business.

Leave your credit card at home, this is not a sales pitch.

Just a coaching call to point you in the right direction.

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