Your Ego is Not Your Amigo

This week I wanted to talk about a subject that has a well known side and a less known side.

I’m talking about EGO!

I think most people are familiar with one style of ego…arrogance, thinking your hot stuff, etc.

These are the leaders that make mistakes but don’t own up to them. They can do no wrong.  Their ego is harming their ability to lead and make an impact on the people around them.

But there’s another side that’s even more damaging…not asking for help. This ego is even more damaging because two people get hurt…you and the people around you. 

What do I mean by that?

If someone pretends everything is ok and sweeps problems under the rug, they’re ego is to blame. They are hurting themselves because they are probably not happy with the situation. They are building anger and resentment inside. And their ego is getting in the way of asking for help.

The other person in the situation is also getting harmed because they are not being given feedback. They are not being told that what they are doing is affecting others in a negative way.


This is the hidden part of ego that isn’t talked about enough. We think a person filled with ego is overfilled with confidence. But you can be low in confidence and that can be caused by your ego too. Pretending everything is ok when it’s not, is your ego.

  • Maybe it’s pride.
  • Maybe it’s not wanting to look weak.
  • Maybe it’s wanting to protect your status within your peer group.
  • Maybe it’s not wanting / willing to ask for help.

These are all potential reasons why you want to pretend something is ok when it’s not. But it never leads to a positive outcome. I’ve never seen a problem go away by ignoring it.

You must directly face your problems (which takes energy) or you will expend energy running from it. Both require energy but one can be over quickly and one will wear you out over time.

  • What’s a tough talk you have been avoiding? Go have it this week.
  • What’s a problem that’s been bubbling under the surface? Address it today.
  • What’s something you’ve been running from that you want to face? Do it now.

I hope this was helpful and it gives you a different outlook on how our ego can hurt us.

Comment below and share which ego you are struggling with right now

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