It Will Be 10x Harder Than You Think

Most business owners have heard the popular book by Grant Cardone called The 10x Rule. It’s all about thinking bigger, dreaming bigger and setting bigger goals then you think is possible.

That’s awesome and I love that message because most people play too small.

But I think they often miss another message in the book. Probably because it’s the “not fun” message that we don’t want to hear.

He also goes on to say it will take 10x longer, it will be 10x harder and it will cost 10x more than you think it will to reach your goals.

UGH! That can knock the wind out of your sails, right?

Here’s the encouragement….it’s STILL WORTH IT. You should set 10x goals and you should accept the 10x difficulty it will take to get there because it’s still worth seeing your vision become a reality.

There’s no easy path.
Shortcuts don’t exist.
You can’t jump the line.

Every lesson you learn in your business is designed to teach you a lesson. Those lessons build you into the entrepreneur you need to become to achieve your 10x goal.

You probably couldn’t withstand the weight today. It’s about the reps and time under tension so when that heavy 10x bar is put on your shoulders, you can rep it all day long because you’ve been preparing for this moment.

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