Are You a Product or Promotion Business Owner?

Most Business Owners fall into one of two categories..

  1. Product
  2. Promotion

Let me explain the difference so you can see which one you identify with.

PRODUCT driven entrepreneurs love to tinker, experiment and dive into the details. They obsess on the customer experience and often ask themselves how they can make the product better.

PROMOTION driven entrepreneurs love to shout out their product to the world. They tend to gravitate towards marketing, building relationships and get immense joy telling others about how the product will solve their problems.

Here’s the funny thing…you rarely see a business owner who does both.

They tend to learn hard to one or the other. But it’s important to become aware which one you identify with so you can even yourself out or hire someone to be the yin to your yang.

Elon Musk is definitely promotion driven while his genius engineers at Tesla and Space X build electric cars and rockets going to mars. 

Steve Jobs was promotion driven while Steve Wozniak was product driven who obsessed about user interface and simplifying their products.

You need someone who is in charge of the front door – marketing and sales.

And you need someone who is in charge of the back door – customer success and retention.

It’s very difficult (I would say impossible) to build a big successful business without someone who obsesses on their special gift. You can probably learn the other side of the house but it will probably drain your energy if it’s not your natural gift.

That’s why you can bring on a key hire, third party service or mentor who can help you to even things out.

Drop a 💪 if you are product driven

Drop a 📣 if you are promotion driven

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