3 Reasons To Attend The Domination Workshop

Gym Owners!! This is the biggest live event of the year. I know there’s dozens of conferences to choose from and all of them have the same agenda.

Speaker >> Backstory >> Big Aha >> Inspirational Story >> Wrap Up

If you’ve been to a few conferences then you probably know they are designed to pump you up but leave you with very few tactical tools you can implement to grow your business. 

That’s what makes the Domination Workshop different.

Our goal is to help you DOMINATE which means you need clear action steps laid out for you. And the ability to ask questions live with the speaker as they present the content so you can get clear on how it applies to you and your business.

Here’s 3 reasons to attend…

  1. Gym Specific Topics
    We won’t bring in someone who speaks with “general advice” on a topic. Everything will apply 100% to owning a brick-and-mortar gym. When you get strategies that apply to gyms-only, you can take faster action and avoid losing time asking yourself “how does this apply to my business.”

  2. Your Team Is Invited
    Most events are built just for the Gym Owner. This is a HUGE opportunity to pump up your team with energy around your mission. Let them take a session at one of Matt’s million dollar facilities and experience world class coaching first hand so they can duplicate it with your clients. As the Gym Owner, you can become the “parent voice” to your team and having a third party (Matt and myself) speak to your team will be received differently so they can go home ready to dominate.

  3. Become More Profitable
    Our mission is to help the Gym Owner become more profitable. That’s because when you are making more money, you can think more clearly. You aren’t worried about making payroll or covering expenses. All topics will be geared toward reinforcing your gym so it’s a stable business with healthy profit margins. 

Spots are TRULY LIMITED so signup now!

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