The Fastest Way to Grow

Who doesn’t want FAST growth?

I’m sure everyone reading this would like to get to their goals faster. Well, let me help you make that a reality with one simple tip.

It’s not speed reading, listening to podcasts on 2x speed, signing up for more courses or any other speed tip you may have heard.

The FASTEST way to grow is to get in the right room.

What do I mean by that? You want to get into rooms where your Level 10 problems are the other people’s Level 3 problems. 

That means working with a mentor or getting around peers who have already achieved what you want to achieve.

They will solve your problems with a “matter of fact” attitude because they’ve conquered that hill. And success leaves clues so they can tell you the exact path to get there. You just have to take notes and take action. 

Too many people goof up mentorship because they bring their own opinion or want to put their own flair on it and it backfires. What’s the point of asking a mentor for help if you’re going to tweak it?

What’s funny is that the student will tweak what the mentor tells them to do then point the finger at them and say their advice sucks.

As a Coach, I’ve given clients a specific nutrition plan to follow. A few weeks later, I found out they tweaked it because of what they saw on YouTube. They came back to me saying “I didn’t get results with your advice”. That’s because YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW WHAT I SAID. lol.

Another example I can share is that I told another Gym Owner to run a slam-dunk challenge because it’s a smash hit for us every year. They like some parts of it but decided to put their own spin on it and tweak the offer.

Guess what, it was a HUGE FLOP because this challenge is only a homerun when you follow the exact steps I created. The changes they made caused it to lose it’s magic.

If you are a Gym Owner who wants to take their business to the next level, then I want to invite you to get in the right room.

The Fitness Empire Mastermind is now open for enrollment and you can join for your first month for ONLY $1.

This is a room filled with people who are building multiple six and seven figure fitness businesses. And we include Team Trainings monthly so we can set your team on fire.

This offer ends soon so reply “DOLLAR” if you want to join the Mastermind 

I can’t believe we are doing this for one-stinkin’ dollar but that’s how much we care. We want to show you what’s on the inside so you can see what’s happening in this room.

Get in this room before the doors are shut!

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