90 Day Echo

Here’s something interesting….most people don’t realize that we live in 90 day echoes. You can call it “The Echo of Life”. That means what you are experiencing today is a direct result of what you did 90 days ago.

This month’s results are not a direct reflection of what you did this month. It’s an echo from what you did 90 days ago. Kinda trippy if you think about it that way right?

  • The amount of members you have today is directly related to the actions you took 90 days ago
  • The members you will have 90 days from today depend on the actions you take today 

This goes to our fitness clients too. The habits they commit to today will produce the body they will have in 90 days.

Some Gym Owners have a strong month and they take their foot off the gas pedal. They are typically going to have a low in 90 days. That comes from a “high and mighty” mindset or thinking they are hot stuff. Stay humble!

Conversely, Gym Owners who get down in the dumps about having a low point in their business can have a major winning streak in 90 days if they put their energy into the right places.

You are just 90 days away from an ENTIRELY NEW LIFE!

You are never as low as you think you are. The key is to stay consistent with the activities that create change in your business.

  • Lead Generation 
  • Conversions
  • Retention 

These are the top 3 things you can focus on and influence. But you might not see measurable change for 90 days. Stick with it and the 90 day echo will work in your favor.

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